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Registration and Payment

Please register in writing via e-mail to us.

You will receive via email a registration form and a form of our Terms & Conditions.

Please print out both forms and fill in the registration form. Please sign both forms and send tu us in a form of a legible scan or digital photo.

After registration you will receive a written confirmation via e-mail. 


Subsequently, you are required to pay a deposit of 20% of the price within 10 days. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to departure. If you book your trip short, which means less than 60 days prior to departure,

you are required to pay the full tour price immediately after receiving the booking confirmation.


You can pay the tour- or rental fees via:


or at

Chase Bank USA


Before you start your trip you must leave a security deposit of $ 1000,- US by credit card slip or cash. After the return of the motorcycle without any damage you will receive your receipt or your cash back.






The tour (and rental) agreement only becomes effective upon written confirmation of participation from Bike-Nicaragua, Martinez + Dano Turismo S.A., hereinafter referred to as "the organiser", and is deemed to be binding for the contractual parties. 



(1) The scope of services is derived exclusively from the tour description that is valid at the time of booking (to be found on the website). All services that are not specifically listed as included are not included in the tour price. 
(2) The organiser reserves the right to modify the tour, in particular the tour route and the accommodation, provided that this is necessary on important grounds. The organiser shall thereby endeavour to maintain the tour’s characteristics and to provide equivalent services. 



(1) Only persons in possession of a valid driver licence for motorcycles at the time of the tour are allowed to participate. 
(2) The participant is obliged to wear motorcycle riding gear that is appropriate for the demands of the tour. The wearing of helmets is mandatory, without exception. 
(3) It is the sole responsibility of the participant to determine whether his or her individual competence and abilities are sufficient to cope with the specified route.

The organiser and the tour guide are under no obligation to determine and verify the participant’s competence and abilities. 



The participant is solely responsible for compliance with these provisions, in particular the purchase of any visa (ESTA registration) and the possession of a valid passport.



If the participant’s actions constitute a gross infringement of the tour guide’s instructions or of traffic regulations, as well as alcohol or drug abuse, the organizer can withdraw from the contract and take possession of the rental motorcycle. 

In such case, there will be absolutely no reimbursement of the tour or rental price. 

We would also like to point out that in the event of an accident under influence of alcohol or drugs you will lose your insurance coverage. In this case, you are liable for the entire damages 



The participant agrees by his signature that he participates in the tour at his own risk. He takes over the civil and criminal responsibility for any damage caused by it all (i.e., persons, property and consequential damage) and makes provision for adequate insurance coverage. He waived to the organizer, its employees, and against all persons entrusted with the travel guides, assistants, agents and other agents on any claims that arise in connection with a damaging event during the booked trip. This waiver is also explained to the relatives and dependents of the participant. The undersigned shall indemnify the Organiser and its employees also by third-party claims asserted in connection with any damage they caused. If the organizer uses the services of subcontractors or other third parties, the organizer is only responsible for a careful selection as well the usual monitoring. The Organiser accepts no responsibility in particular for damages resulting from a deficient condition of the track. The Organiser shall not be liable for any default in connection with services that are recommended only as a external service (boat trips, museum visits, other visits, etc.) and which are expressly designated in the journey as external services.

Participants are strongly advised to take out the appropriate type of insurance, such as cancellation and repatriation insurance. 



If a rental motorcycle is included on a guided tour in the tour price, the provisions of the lessor apply. The tour participants/contractor agrees to treat the rental vehicle always with care. As far as the lessee has caused damage to the motorcycle, there is no claim to provide a replacement vehicle, the same applies if the bike was stolen. If damage occurs to a motorcycle that cannot be solved in a reasonable time during the tour, there is no entitlement to a replacement motorcycle, regardless of whether the lessee has caused the damage or it occurred through no fault of his. In this case, however, we will make a refund of the proportional value of the price of the tour or the rental.

The lessee acknowledges that it will pay for all damages caused by accidents or mishaps. Exceptions are damage caused by normal wear and tear.

We would also like to point out that in the event of an accident under influence of alcohol or drugs you will lose your insurance coverage. In this case, you are liable for the entire damages.



(1) The organizer reserves the right to postpone or completely cancel the tour at any time on important grounds. Furthermore, the organizer is entitled to cancel the tour up to four weeks before tour commencement if the minimum number of participants has not been reached. In such case, the participant will be notified promptly, in writing via e-mail. 
(2) In the event of postponement or cancellation of a tour, the participant has the right to choose between reimbursement of the participation price or participation on another of the organizer’s tours of equal value, provided that this is possible for the organizer. 
(3) External services that are not directly connected to a booking made with Bike-Nicaragua, Mardano S.A., cannot be reimbursed. 



The customer can cancel the tour every time before the tour begins.

Important is the date of receipt of the cancellation at Bike-Nicaragua, Mardano Turismo S.A.

We recommend to make the cancellation in written form.

If the customer cancels the contract, the right of the travel price will be dropped.

Bike-Nicaragua, Mardano Turismo S.A. can demand a adequately compensation. The compensation depends on the date of receipt of the cancellation at Bike-Nicaragua, Mardano Turismo S.A. and is as follows:


- up to 56 days before commencement of Tour or Rental: 10 % of the total price

- up to 28 days before commencement of Tour or Rental: 25 % of the total price

- up to 14 days before commencement of Tour or Rental: 50 % of the total price

- 13 and less days before commencement of Tour or Rental: 90 % of the total price

From the first day of the Trip as well as you cancel your Trip before ending it, we will not issue a refund.


We strongly recommend you to buy travel insurance with pre-trip cancellation.


Normally we are flexible if you have any kind of problems. If you want to change your travel dates, 

it shouldn't be a problem if we have free spaces available on other dates.

If you can't or won't make your journey and you have another qualified person which will take your trip, we can make the change without any problems.


Only the goods and services as explained on our website are valid. 


Any errors or spelling errors excepted.



Martínez and Dano Turismo S. A.,

as well called Mardano Turismo S.A.


Executive Director:

Brett DeGreen


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