Welcome to Bike-Nicaragua – Your Motorbike Adventure in Nicaragua

Why should you freeze the whole long wintertime in Europe or North America?

Escape the grey wintertime and the compulsions of your daily routine.

Enjoy the experience of a guided Motorbike Tour through the tropical landscapes of Nicaragua – which you will find only with us.


We want to invite you to travel together with us through the land of lakes and volcanoes in the heart of Central America.


You will ride on racy lightweight and lively HONDA XR 250 TORNADO Dirt Bikes.


Here there is no highway network. Instead, almost scarcely traveled country roads and small trails through almost untouched areas.

And we do not want race through the beautiful country, like this, you can focus on the beautiful landscapes, the people and the animals beside the roads. You will see old colonial cities, many volcanoes, impressive lakes and lagoons, wild jungle, breathtaking mountain roads and lonely beaches.

Let yourself be surprised by the authentic and safest country in Central America.

which is still not affected by mass tourism as its southern neighbor Costa Rica and without security problems as the northern neighboring countries.

Nicaragua is, especially in rural areas, very authentic. The daily life is still shaped by tradition and lived history. Typical of the country are the picturesque adobe (mud brick) houses with red clay bricks.

On the fireplaces located above the red embers, there is almost always a big pot of red beans, a cup with the traditional "Gallo Pinto Dish" or a small pot of boiling coffee from freshly roasted beans.

People draw drinking water from homemade wells. In the fields, you can see the farmers working with the team of oxen. Transports are often still horse-drawn carriages.


If you want to organize your own trip, we also have a motorcycle rental and a lot of tips and information for your travel adventure through Nicaragua.


My name is Brett DeGreen and since 2013, I have been living and exploring Nicaragua.  I purchased Bike-Nicaragua in 2014 with the goal to share everything I have experienced in Nicaragua with other adventurous travelers. 


The famous newspaper The New York Times published in January 2013 a list with

"The 46 Places to Go in 2013".

Number 3 - Nicaragua!